Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Who, What, Where, Why, and How of The WikiLeaks Party: flyer

Today, the WikiLeaks Party announced it's candidates for the 2013 Australian federal elections.

A few hours later, their site has been subjected to a DDOS attack from hostile forces. And it appears that the WikiLeaks support site at has also been attacked.

In the meantime you can read a little from each candidate below... and start downloading and printing these new flyers!


The flyer is designed to be printed at A4 size with a roll fold down to DL size

Find more WikiLeaks Party flyers

Who are The WikiLeaks Party candidates in this year’s election?




Julian Assange
"The values of transparency and accountability and resistance under pressure that I have developed through hard experience with WikiLeaks, that is what we intend to take to Canberra."
Julian Assange is the founder and editor in chief of WikiLeaks.

Binoy Kampmark
"A monitored government, rather than a government monitoring its subjects, has always been the aim of a healthy democracy. WikiLeaks is the only party of its kind to remind voters of that aim."
Dr Binoy Kampmark is an academic, writer and researcher with particular focus on the intersections of law, international relations and history.




New South Wales


Kellie Tranter
"I’m running because our government simply doesn’t give people accurate information, it is incapable of having Australia stand in the world as an independent nation and its policies often don’t reflect public opinion."
Kellie Tranter is a lawyer and human rights activist, working and commentating on issues like climate change, human rights, gender equality, unjustified wars and economic exploitation.

Alison Broinowski
"Secrecy empowers governments, it doesn’t protect citizens from them."
Dr. Alison Broinowski is an academic, journalist, writer and former Australian public servant with particular interest in Asian affairs and cultural and political issues.





Western Australia


Gerry Georgatos
"The ability to discover the truth is outstripped by the capacity to manifest deceit - The WikiLeaks Party is an opportunity to challenge this premise."
Gerry Georgatos is a  life-long human rights and social justice campaigner, investigative journalist and researcher around many issues with a particular focus on fighting racism.

Suresh Rajan
“The protection of human rights is paramount to me. The WikiLeaks Party delivers this.”
Suresh Rajan is an economist and vigorous advocate for ethnic communities and people with disabilities.

For more information visit the WikiLeaks Party website.

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