Thursday, 25 July 2013

Placards in support of refugees: Fear makes bad policy


Below are some easy to produce B/W placards for protest actions in support of refugees this weekend.

You can print them easily on A4 paper on a home printer. The designs have been cut in half so you can place the upper and lower halves together to make a larger sign. So 2xA4 for each design to make an A3 size sign.

Or, just grab a print ready pdf of all of the posters - whole. You can print them any size up to A1 size with enough quality. DOWNLOAD A PRINT READY PDF OF ALL THE POSTERS

Print and glue on cardboard... add a stick for a high tech version. Or do a Vivienne Westwood... print at A4 size, pop in an A4 plastic sleeve and safety pin it to your a clothing.

And let's rally for some common decency and common sense in Australia's approach to asylum seekers.

Open Borders

You might like to have a read of this article on open borders. Here's an extract:
"The two-pronged move to (a) open borders, thus making migration part of the daily reality of a globalised world, and not an expensive, largely performative, and ultimately futile exercise in securing borders, and (b) humanise asylum seekers by talking about them as people "like us" would have the effect of detoxifying the poison that is contemporary asylum and immigration politics in Australia. Of course, the road is long, but the struggle to shift opinion has to start now."

Web quality images


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