Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Bradley Manning masks for Mardi Gras... and YOUR action

Bradley Manning - persecuted for following his conscience and exposing war crimes

As Bradley Manning's (pre)trial continues, the BeanLab has just put together some oversized Bradley "masks" for the Sydney based Support Assange & WikiLeaks Coalition's Mardi Gras float.   

From the SAWC site:

Participants should wear comfortable shoes and any style of clothing in rainbow colours. The more flamboyant the better, but whatever you’re comfortable in is best. Black and white Bradley Manning and Julian Assange masks on sticks will be provided. While walking up the parade route we will periodically hold these masks up to our faces, and to the left and right in unison.

You can discover more details here for this exciting event which has the potential to highlight Bradley's plight to a massive number of people. 

The masks are designed at A3 size but of course you can scale them down if you like (or up, to a certain extent: contact me for larger sizes and pdfs). The dashed line around the face gives the mask more definition and the cut-out imagery gives it an accessible do-it-yourself feel... "you could easily be Bradley..." That's inspired by the masks used in the play, The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning.

Download, print, stick, cut, stick!

Here are hi-resolution jpgs of the mask for downloading, printing, sticking on card, cutting out, gluing on sticks and using at YOUR action in support of Bradley Manning! (Option included without the dotted line too: get in touch if you have specific imagery requirements for your action eg coloured border and so on). Have fun and raise awareness... because we are all Bradley Manning!

Download Julian Assange masks here.
Bradley Manning Peace Hero posters can be found here.

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