Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Official WikiLeaks Store: refurbished!

The Official WikiLeaks Store has the motto: Keep Us Strong! and that's exactly what you're doing for WikiLeaks and whistleblowers when you shop there.

Checkout the new look and new designs at the US/Australia store. Here are 3 reasons to shop there:

1. All profits help WikiLeaks to continue its' vital work
2. You'll be actively educating and informing other people about the issues every time you wear or use your purchases!
3. Courage is contagious: You'll be encouraging others to have the confidence to express their views publicly.

Oh, and another reason: Enemy of the State Tshirts are on special at just US$18.99 to celebrate the new look shop. And stand by for the new designs in the UK and EU shops very soon!

New funked up version of an old favourite - Retro WikiLeaks design

 Got ideas for Ts? - I'd love to hear from you.

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