Thursday, 18 October 2012

GILBOT 2013: Australian elections? Vote WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks' current donations campaign has a central theme of the US presidential elections. But of course the message is equally applicable for Australia. The choice of Labor or Liberal ain't really a choice at all. Politicians on both "sides" are largely unaccountable and often morally bankrupt... in Australia we need WikiLeaks and whistleblowers more than ever.

Here's a poster to promote the WikiLeaks donations campaign. It's an Aussie/retro-robot theme with an old product repackaged, starring the Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott machine. As usual, email me for a print-ready pdf. One of these days I'll launch this blog properly with pdf downloads and other new features!

Footnote: If you're over a certain age you'll probably remember 'Lost in Space', the 60's American sci-fi series. Most Aussie politicians unfortunately fit the bill - lost in space. If you don't know the show - the original  Robot was one of the stars. Now reborn... as Gilbot. Scary.

GILBOT 2013: keeping humanity out of politics: Vote WikiLeaks

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