Sunday, 5 August 2012

Total Surveillance: Coming soon to Australia?

 A massive increase in the powers of Australia's six government intelligence agencies is being proposed. These changes would result in a dramatic and severe erosion of the civil liberties of all Australians.

A hypothetical Orwellian future is on the verge of becoming a reality NOW.

All your online data stored for 2 years, jail for refusal to hand over passwords, new criminal and civil liability protections for ASIO officers, steamlined super warrants, powers for ASIO to hack into your computer regardless of your innocence... and much more.

Watch the video

For an introduction to the proposed changes, watch this video from GetUp! and Electronic Frontiers Australia. Outraged? Start by signing the petition.

Inform yourself and make your views known

The hashtag to follow on twitter is #NatSecInquiry. The government committee investigating the proposals has extended the deadline for submissions to Monday 20 August 2012.


Let others know

Help spread the information about these changes, as the mainstream press is generally limiting it's coverage to the tech columns. You can download and print these posters from here or, for the best quality, send an email for print ready pdf files.

Thanks and credit for much of the content goes to:
@johnbirmingham  for his article in the Sydney Morning Herald,
@Benev_Ment for the blog post Who watches the Watchmen? and
@renailemay for the post New surveillance powers akin to ‘China, Iran’.

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#NatSecInquiry: You will be watched, every click of your mouse

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Meanwhile in the UK...

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