Sunday, 12 August 2012

Он не бежит, он сражается: Not running, fighting: Assange posters in Russian

A WikiLeaks supporter in Moscow has translated the Assange poster series into Russian. Please download and use freely.

Assange: 'Not Running, Fighting' series is where you'll find these posters/placards in English.

Freedom to Publish? Asylum for Assange

President Correa: If we had done 1/100th of what they did to Assange we would be called dictators and oppressors

Your secret grand jury... is no secret
Assange: Not running, fighting

Assange: Not running, fighting: Swedish extradition facts

Assange: Not running, fighting: US extradition facts

Assange: Not running, fighting: Australian extradition facts
Asylum for Assange

Free Information, Free Assange

Free Press, Free Assange

No to US extradition
Checkout the Assange: 'Not Running, Fighting' poster series

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