Wednesday, 18 July 2012

So, who is SomersetBean?

Well, for those who may be interested, here's my Friends of WikiLeaks profile. I'm really just blogging it to encourage you to LOG IN if you haven't since you joined. You need to do this to activate your account and get in touch with your new contacts.

These are not SomersetBeans... but they could be

Working from home just outside Eudlo on the Sunshine Coast as a freelance graphic designer, I'm offering free designs for WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning support projects.

New technologies have brought libertarian ideals back into the public discourse. My ideal is to see this assisting the evolution of the planet's human population beyond politics, religion, dogma, greed, anger. John Lennon Imagine etc. I do, however, endeavour to temper my potentially unrealistic idealism with the realism of what is happening here and now. I'm hoping meeting with others who have similar motivations can help focus and energise us to act effectively for the positive changes we imagine.

Although I'm wary of being apocalyptic and of seeing things in black and white, humanity does seem poised at a crossroads - anger or love, greed or compassion, fascism or liberation. Whatever the reality is, and whatever the future may bring, I'm certain of one thing - the need to act compassionately here and now and to defend others under attack as a result of their commitment to love, kindness, freedom, justice... whatever terms one likes to use.

I've been an anarchist, a communist, a buddhist, an athiest, and a few more - now it's just me! I'm @somersetbean on twitter and at The Bean Blog ...Looking forward to.... whatever we create!

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