Friday, 27 July 2012

Inspire a Generation: Assange, WikiLeaks & Olympics

Ecuadorian Embassy in London, August 2012

A poster and flyer for the London Corporate Olympics! Content and inspiration from UK Friends of WikiLeaks. Follow @UKFoWL on twitter for updates.

From their site:

For 4 weeks the world will be watching London as the 2012 Olympics games are played. Global state heads will visit the capital, thousands will be milling around London, the media will be ever present.

With transport making it harder for those outside of the city to join the vigil at the Ecuador embassy and with the UK attention on the games potentially diverting the worlds attention there are some fears that the Olympics will act as a smokescreen, leaving Julian Assange vulnerable to political attack.

It would not take much however to turn this into an opportunity to publicize and promote WikiLeaks. 
 For 4 weeks the UK have the worlds attention. The official Olympic slogan is ‘inspire a generation’ yet this is exactly what Julian Assange has done, and we know where that has got him….

Print off these posters/plackards/flyers and help keep the world watching Julian Assange:

A3 poster

A3 poster

Flyer A5x2 front

Flyer A5x2 back

Flyer A5x2 front B/W

Flyer A5x2 back B/W

And if you're in London, check out this event:

Support Julian in London this Sunday

THIS Sunday July 29 2012 from 10 am to 4 pm:

Ecuadorian Sports Minister making an appearance in the morning.

As part of a continued effort to out reach to Ecuadorians the greater Latin American community in London I want to let everyone know that there is an important event happening. The Ecuadorian Minister for Sport is going to be holding a public event for the Ecuadorian community. Great opportunity for photos, contact with the Ecuadorian community. He is very pro Corea, and famous in his homeland as a great footballer.

Anyone who would like to come and help out and enjoy the day long event please do, more than welcome.
The event on Sunday is in Kennington Park; It should be easy to find-just look for the Ecuadorian theme!

You'll find more posters supporting Julian Assange's asylum bid here.

Watching you, for your own safety

And here's another Olympically inspired poster here featuring one of the London Olympic's freaky mascots.

Checkout the series!

Read about where they're made.

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