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Atari Teenage Riot flyer for WikiLeaks

From Frankfurt Friends of WikiLeaks' site

On 6th July 2012, Atari Teenage Riot play in Frankfurt.
Atari Teenage Riot dedicated the third edit of the video “Black Flags” to WikiLeaks by drawing attention to the platform and its principles. The band supports freedom of information, free of any censorship and it’s importance for our society. Moreover, ATR calls for donations to WikiLeaks.

Frankfurt Friends of WikiLeaks will be distributing fliers during the show in order to introduce ourselves. We hope to be able to mobilise more WikiLeaks supporters and encourage people join the FoWL network in order to fight for a freer and more informed society.
For further information, email:

Frankfurt FoWL ready for the gig
Get in touch with SomersetBean for your own funky flyers

English translation:
Cover: Truth Hurts: Don't Shoot the Messenger: Free Assange

Friends of WikiLeaks is a network of people who support WikiLeaks, its staff and principles.

It’s purpose is to meet with like-minded persons in order to protect WikiLeaks and its principles. WikiLeaks is a worldwide non-profit organisation dedicated to publish information which would otherwise be hidden from the public. This is done in order to create transparency and thus freedom of information. We demand that all organisations and corporations serve the common good. Only through a process of auditing the activities and basic principles of governments and private companies is it possible to verify their legitimacy. The increased transparency strengthens democracy.

Therefore we fight for freedom of expression, the freedom of the press and the preservation of the universally accepted human rights.

WikiLeaks has also published uncomfortable information (Iraq war logs, US diplomatic cables) and therefore the platform became the target of some institutions. For over 581 days Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Western Union and Bank of America among others block financial transfers to WikiLeaks. As a consequence the work of WikiLeaks of independently providing information has become heavily impaired because of its dependence on donations. This led to a reduced number of publications since quite some time.

In addition, the US government has put WikiLeaks and especially Julian Assange, in its cross-hairs. This was done after the publication of the embarrassing diplomatic cables in 2010, which contained military plans and information on foreign governments which were categorized as classified / secret. For this reason a secret grand jury was put in place some 661 days ago to handle the WikiLeaks case.

At the time of writing, Julian Assange is located in the Ecuadorian embassy in London after his request not to be extradited to Sweden has failed at the UK supreme court. The last two years he stayed under house arrest in Great Britain. In Sweden he will be confronted with questions regarding his alleged rape and sexual harassment of two women in 2010. No country has charged Julian with any crime and it must be noted that the European Arrest Warrant wasn’t meant to be used for questioning. Assange however fears his extradition from Sweden to the USA, partly because the allegations were put up by a prosecutor with good contacts to the USA. Beforehand the supposed victims made positive comments on Assange. In case Assange will be extradited to Sweden there is no guarantee from the Swedish government that he will not be extradited to the USA; this refusal is more than uncommon. (Detailed information on the inconsistencies in this case can be found on

Thus WikiLeaks and its staff have no access to essential rights like freedom of expression, freedom of the press and free movement.

Well known personalities like US intellectual Noam Chomsky, WikiLeaks activist Jacob Appelbaum and film-maker Michael Moore have spoken in favour of Assange being granted asylum in Ecuador. Atari Teenage Riot has also shown solidarity by calling for donations for WikiLeaks (third edit of “Black-Flags”-Video) to preserve the freedom of the press.
You should support WikiLeaks by joining Friends of WikiLeaks ( and the local Frankfurt group ( or by donating to WikiLeaks ( ).
Moreover you may want to ask Ecuador to grant asylum to Julian Assange:
Inform yourself and check out if actions are planned in your area on Global 4 Julian Assange Day, July 14.

Every voice counts! Take action! Activate!

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