Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Assange: 'Not Running, Fighting' series revisited

Much of the mainstream media is deliberately missing the point... and the facts. Julian Assange is not running from anything, he's fighting for justice. And, as always, fighting the "opponents of love"

The facts in this poster series are thanks to Julian's inspirational mum, Christine Assange. Facts source WLcentral. 

I've revisited these posters and added a justice4assange.com link for further info, with the slogan "Asylum for Assange: Freedom to Publish". These are web images: contact me for hi-res files for quality printing. 

UPDATE 1 August 2012 Please note that the Swedish extradition poster contained an innacuracy and has been ammended from "Sweden has never turned down an extradition request from the USA" to "Sweden has not turned down any extradition request from the US since 2000".




The following posters were also popular when initially released... now with the web link added...

The US WikiLeaks 'secret' grand jury is ongoing

Many positive statements from Ecuadorian government and officials while asylum bid is studied

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