Sunday, 10 June 2012

Online global WikiLeaks support campaign

Courage is contagious! 

I am not afraid to make up my own mind. Make your personal resolve to maintain your intellectual independence and defend everyone's right to free thought and expression. Support and encourage others and make your statement public by participating in this online WikiLeaks support (and enCourage) campaign.

It's simple: download a pledge, print it and you and your friends, workmates, family etc photograph each other with the statement. Email your pics to and view them all at the great new Global friends of WikiLeaks blog.

Courage is contagious

The hidden support for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks is evident in public opinion polls, but of course silence is as good as useless. Only 4 steps in this campaign to shout out for transparency and justice... download, print (A4 or A3 size), snap and email.

And then of course... learn, discuss, organise, inform, educate, speak out, create... Oh and you might like to check out Friends of WikiLeaks too.

Another bean getting in on the free-thinking action

Download, print, photograph and email

Download and print - choose from the statements here

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