Sunday, 17 June 2012

Message to Julian #JA41

From WLCentral:
" The genie's out of the bottle. Never to go back in again. And Julian Assange, the founder of the International Subversives, coauthor of Underground, member of the Realm, and founder of WikiLeaks and so many other things: he's a man of the times. He can hack, he has his heart in the right place, he's extraordinarily insightful, and he has changed our lives and our world forever.

Here's to Julian Assange on #JA41. May it be the best of all possible birthdays. And many many many many happy returns.

WL Central are currently collecting tweets #JA41 and email greetings to Julian Assange to be published 2 July, the day before his birthday. "

#JA41 images for download

Here are some images below that you can use on your site/blog, as twitter icons... or wherever and however you like.

Messages of support and solidarity are so important... as so many of us who support Julian and the work of WikiLeaks know, because we're the kind of folks who consider what it's like to be in another's shoes. Participate in and promote #JA41 We're all in this together.

As usual, just contact me for files of a different format.

Update: A few more quick ideas...

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  1. Great Work.
    Solidarity from Bangladesh.
    We are working here for Julian/Manning/Wikileaks.

    Salim Reza Newton