Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Asylum for Assange?

UPDATE from WLcentral's live blog: 01:00 BST Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño Aroca made a statement on Twitter regarding Julian Assange's request for asylum. Here is a translation via @Jaraparilla:
Thanks for the thousands of messages received regarding the request for political asylum made by Julian Assange to the govt of Ecuador yesterday. Assange's request requires in depth analysis. Ecuador declares that it will protect the human rights to life and freedom of expression. We are now studying the risk claimed by Assange of being judged for political reasons and that he could be condemned to death. Ecuador's constitution respects the right to life, does not recognize the death penalty and fully defends freedom of expression. The Ecuadorean government led by Rafael Correa has maintained a sovereign and principal foreign policy which will not change now.

The first thing you can do to support Julian Assange's asylum bid is to add to these messages: email the Ecuador Embassy in London:

For inspiration, read these great letters from Jacob Appelbaum, Mary Kostakidis and Friends of WikiLeaks

And remember the place for all the latest news is WLcentral's live blog.

Please feel free to use this image on your blog (or wherever!)


A great statement of solidarity: I am Julian Assange

To make your mask you will need:
1. A4 printout of the image below
2. A4 size card
3. Glue
4. Scissors (& scalpel)
5. Elastic and/or stick
6. Maybe some sticky tape

Accompanying placard

Solidarity is strength

Don't forget #JA41. Send a personal greeting to Julian for his birthday on July 3. Courage is contagious and Solidarity is strength.

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