Thursday, 17 May 2012

Coming soon... politicians with a heart!


Well something that's here now is journalism with a heart in the form of WikiLeaks. Globally recognised symbols of Love and WikiLeaks come together in this poster.

And ultimately the real battle is the age old one of 'good' v 'bad' - of love, compassion and empathy v hatred, anger and destruction. Of course in this "sophisticated" world many who speak of the former are responsible for so much of the latter... Obama, Gillard...

Journalistic warriors of the heart seem rather thin on the ground, and looked to be almost absent for many of us before discovering about Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks project. I know this bean has been led to some true journalism with a heart from so many around the world from Hossam el-Hamalawy to Kevin Gosztola to Amy Goodman to John Pilger (well, I'd already known of John. If you haven't already, check them all out!)

Now journalism that deals with facts is under an intense attack...

And, if we look into our hearts, we must all be warriors for conscience and consciousness.

PS and join FoWL!

This poster is available in many languages as you can see below - request yours!

I can email hi-resolution print ready files for posters/flyers and digital printing on Tshirts - just ask folks!



Read a little about some of the Awards received by WikiLeaks and Julian Assange on this poster. Then download it, print it and proudly display it in public!

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